Adapting to New Life in a New Home

Moving into a new home can be a scary experience for dog and especially a puppy so now that they have settled in we have started getting them used to the hussle and bussle of daily life in a home. We have put on the washing machine on a high spin (which they were fine with) and got the hoover out which they were unsure about until they discovered thy could make it play time and chase after the extendable part of the hoover. I also accidentally set off the fire alarm when cooking and they looked quite confused but not scared or upset just lots of cute head cocking (tilting their heads from side to side)

We have also tried them with collars (little cat collars) and they didn’t like that at all and just tried to chew them, so we took them off and have been trying them for an hour a night just to try and get them used to them without stressing them out for long periods of time.

We have had more luck with the little jackets we bought them – I put them on on an evening whilst they are tired and they settle down with them on 🙂 before I go up to bed.
Here are a couple of uber cute photos of them with their jacket on and settling down to sleep 🙂



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