The Training Begins

So Magic and Socks are settling in nicely and the training has begun 🙂 

Firstly – Puppy Pad Training
When we got the boys we were told that they were trained to do their business on newspaper, so when they arrived home we made sure their was newspaper located in a few different places to encourage them to do their business where they should – but unfortunately Magic and Socks didn’t have the foggiest idea what do do with it bless them. and when we did managed to encourage them to go on newspaper we discovered it was very messy and not the cleanest it could be so we decided to start over with puppy pads. 

We bought some puppy pads and also bought some spray stuff which is meant to encourage them to go to the toilet in the right place (aka: where you spray it), Unfortunately the spray was a waste of money – the pups just think its a great play toy and they completely forget that they need to wee or poo because this spray bottle is FUN FUN FUN! So now we spray the pads before we put them down but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. 

They didn’t seem to understand for the first couple of days but after lots of encouragement and placing them on the mats when ‘circling’ to go to do their business it finally seemed to work. When one of the pups does their business on the mat we are praising them with lots of effections and repeating praises including the key word ‘clean’ and ‘good’ and this seemed to work most of the time. We now have 70% of wees and poos on the mats, but they seem to want to avoid us at times when doing their business – We think this might be because they want to eat their poo and we don’t let them. So over the last 24 hours we have started praising them with their key words but also giving them a couple of pieces of kibble (treats are upsetting their stomachs) as a reward for doing it good. They don’t seem to understand yet that they are getting the treat for their business but i’m sure they will realize after a few more examples 🙂 

I will keep you up to date with their progress 🙂 

We have also been teaching them words such as ‘No’ & ‘Down’ we are pretty sure they are just reading the tone & raised voice that we use at this stage, but the ‘down’ command seems to be working very well. They want to come up on the sofa or just up when we are eating and so down is a vital command. Magic particularly wants to come up on the sofa, which we won’t mind when they are older but we want to enforce their training as much as possible now whilst thy are soaking it all up like sponges 🙂

For the down command Magic will usually jump up at the sofa and we say “Magic DOWN” we don’t shout but we raise our voice on the command word (down) and change the tone slightly to make it clear. This didn’t work at all for the first few days but now he listens 50% of the time… and when he does we give him praise “good boy” etc and lots of fuss whilst repeating the words. – it seems to be working so far 🙂 

Heres a cute photo of them to keep you all smiling 🙂Image


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